The Cast of Characters

Susie - Me.  The mother, wife, daugther, and sister.

Mr Right - My husband.  The Dad.  My champion.  I have been with this man since I was eighteen years old.  We were destined to be together.  We fit.  The only apt name for him was Mr Right.  

Will - The elder of our two sons.  The noisy, generous, affectionate, social butterfly, talkative, Lego loving five year old.

Ollie - The youngest of our boys.  The also noisy, affectionate, music-loving, curly haired, apple eating, wind in the trees watching little three year old.  This one is the one who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Dr Who - The paediatrican.  I named him Dr Who because it sounded cool.

Sing Song - The speech therapist, who has the most fabulous sing song voice.

The Hands That Help - The place where Ollie does his ABA Therapy.  The magic makers.

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